PowerX Board



  1. Think Electric & Golf... if you could do that I'd realy want one!!!!!

  2. Hey where can I get one of these powerXboard?

  3. They are hard to find. I believe they were only sold for a short while and that was over 10 years ago from what I have been told. I just picked up 3 of them that are basically new. I am going to keep one and probably sell the other 2.
    Below is a link to my craigslist ad.

  4. please i am interested in getting the power x board in the video...very urgent...here is my email..power-x-board-scooters@careceo.com, please do contact me ready to buy 10 units immediately...

  5. how much those cost and where do u get them from any web-site

  6. I want one... Where???

  7. does any one know if there is any web site to even see old pictures of the powerX Board. the front steering TILER is very interesting.
    my email is rowaterusa@hotmail.com
    The craig list is a bad site..?
    Gizmag../ pitures like what was on the sales Broc..? any other articals.
    I have only nthe One demo Video.
    i guest they maybe went out of buz.. but does any one know why..? Safe issues.. falling off at 40 mph maybe one..? Alex


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