BajaBoard 4WD Electric Mountainboard

4wd with full suspension

Trucks with 4 Wheel Independent Steering

Stroker Truck by Ermico Enterprises


Stroker copy by Herb Neumann


by phillips4563


korner kutter truck
rack and pinion


Electric Wheelman or SpeedGo

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Circle Sine Wave

Sculpture by Ron Geitgey

"Circle Sine Wave" is a disc of banded white marble with a rim in the form of a sine wave. I chose a banded stone and oriented it so the resulting hills and valleys would be emphasized by the color pattern. It is basically a very simple form with every diameter being a sloping straight line, but it required careful layout work and patience to carve successfully. It has three-fold symmetry, that is, there are three hills and three valleys mirrored on both sides, but from various angles its shape and color pattern appear to generate the two-fold symmetry of a rectangle or the four-fold symmetry of a square. The effect is especially apparent as the sun angle changes throughout the day or as the disc is rotated on its pivot pin.

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Evil Dirt Board

ridden by Jesse Martinez

Trucks Animation by AVAcs

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Andrew "AVAcs" Aseev

Snow Kneeboarding

KneeFlyer by Stardust Boardwerks

KB Pro Binding. kneeBoard binding for winter use


knee sledding

Kickr Electric Skateboard

friction drive using brushless outrunner motor


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