MovPak - Electric Backpack Skateboard

LIEF - Electric Freebord


Stand Up Treadle-boarding ??

Surfboard Powered by Electric Ducted Fan

Swing Blade Skateboard

Pallet-Boarding by Tomáš Moravec

HoverBoard, FlyBoard, JetLev, and Jetovator

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hydrosurfr by hydroflyr



how it works


how it works



"Fly the Hose"

Hydro Lift

Lean Skateboard by Pramash

Sweet 16 Wheeler by Simon Woodstock

Toft inspired


The one and only Simon Woodstock

D2L interview

Skatebook interview

BajaBoard 4WD Electric Mountainboard

4wd with full suspension

Trucks with 4 Wheel Independent Steering

Stroker Truck by Ermico Enterprises


Stroker copy by Herb Neumann


by phillips4563


korner kutter truck
rack and pinion


Electric Wheelman or SpeedGo

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Circle Sine Wave Vs Shark Wheel

Sculpture by Ron Geitgey

"Circle Sine Wave" is a disc of banded white marble with a rim in the form of a sine wave. I chose a banded stone and oriented it so the resulting hills and valleys would be emphasized by the color pattern. It is basically a very simple form with every diameter being a sloping straight line, but it required careful layout work and patience to carve successfully. It has three-fold symmetry, that is, there are three hills and three valleys mirrored on both sides, but from various angles its shape and color pattern appear to generate the two-fold symmetry of a rectangle or the four-fold symmetry of a square. The effect is especially apparent as the sun angle changes throughout the day or as the disc is rotated on its pivot pin.