Ball Rider

Reincarnate Mfg


Hoverboards using Magnetic Levitation

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The Hoverboard is a project made by Nils guadagnin, a young french artist. This work is born in 2008 for an exhibition named "Back To the future".




Lumbos - Spinning Snowboard Binding

MovPak and CaseBoard

Electric Backpack Skateboard


LIEF - Electric Freebord

PeleBoard, FinSurfer


Stand Up Treadle-boarding ??


"Fifty-seven-year old Nikolai Vasiliev is so passionate about cross country skiing, a popular winter activity throughout Russia, he designed a new type of ski so he can practice the sport long after the snow and ice has melted."

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Surfboard Powered by Electric Ducted Fan

Swing Blade Skateboard

Pallet-Boarding by Tomáš Moravec

HoverBoard, FlyBoard, JetLev, and Jetovator

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hydrosurfr by hydroflyr



how it works


how it works



"Fly the Hose"

Hydro Lift

Lean Skateboard by Pramash

Sweet 16 Wheeler by Simon Woodstock

Toft inspired


The one and only Simon Woodstock

D2L interview

Skatebook interview

BajaBoard 4WD Electric Mountainboard

4wd with full suspension